Welcome to the website of Van der Sluis Transport B.V
For three generations now, we are daily, nationally and internationally, on the way to serve our customers the best possible logistics services to provide. With our extensive and well maintained fleet we are a no frills service with an emphasis on vehicles with loader cranes. With innovative solutions, well trained and motivated staff, we can provide your transportation and / or service added value.

Our Specialty
We specialize in transporting various loads, such as facade elements, machines, units, containers, building materials, civil engineering equipment and other exceptional loads. Our vehicles are equipped with loader cranes in which we excel in the heavier segment, with which we particularly active in the construction and industrial sectors. We can also be helpful to a large extent during assembly work and specialized crane services, you should think of placing glass, placing prefabricated house parts, hinge roofs and (re) placement of material to / from hard to reach places. For journeys where there is outsized weights and dimensions which exceed the statutory limits, we also provide the required exemptions and any transportation assistance.

See the detailed view of our material on this website and explain us your wishes and / or problem. We like to think along to a Logistics solution.



Latest news

  • New VW-transporter
    In spring 2013 our VW-tranporter was exchanged for a new transporter.This bus is daily on the road te complete "small transports" or quick service.  …
  • New material
    New material Recently,Van der Sluis Transport BV has gotten another new truck delivered by Scania. It is a Scania G 400 4 x 2, with a low…
  • Former glory restored
    Former glory restored Late 2012, the restoration project of the Scania 143m completed. Company car Paintshop the Wilde from Vaassen has managed to make a true work of art.…
  • New combination
    New combination Recently, Van der Sluis transport BV has gotten another new combination delivered by Scania. It is a 6 x 2 Scania G440 equipped with a…